Joane Hall

JOANE HALL 28th February 1921 – 8th May 2020

Joane was a remarkable lady who was blessed with a great sense of humour, stamina and a zest for life. She was born in Newcastle and joked that she danced her way out of her mother’s womb!

At the age of 14 in 1935 she left home to appear in a pantomime troupe – The Zio Angels. During the Second World War she joined ENSA and entertained our troops overseas including a tour of Africa.

Joane recounted many stories at the CAA about her wartime escapades. One memory she shared was being allocated a cabin en route to Africa with a nun. Apparently Joane had her eye on a handsome sailor but the Nun’s party on board were closely chaperoned, which made any nocturnal liaison Joane had in mind impossible!

During and just after the war Joane worked in theatre as an actress and dancer. Between engagements she had a variety of jobs including working in an ammunition factory, Civil Nursing Reserves and a waitress in an Italian restaurant.

She was a dresser at the London Palladium for numerous stars. Indeed Frank Sinatra insisted on Joane as his dresser whenever he played the Palladium. Joane’s TV appearances as an actress included ‘The Bill’ and ‘Father Ted.’ She also played Vera in the television drama ‘Pat and Margaret’ written by Victoria Wood.

When ‘Cats’ went to Broadway in 1982, the show’s choreographer Gillian Lynne asked Joane to accompany her as her assistant and friend. In 1988 she became Queen Ratling with CAA stalwart Roy Pyke as her escort. Although Joane never married, she says she had received 28 proposals of marriage and was actually engaged at one time to a lion tamer.

She was a great friend of Roy and Debbie Hudd who even named their dogs after her. Dean Caston says how delighted he was when she agreed to do ‘An Evening With Joane Hall’ in March 2017 at the CAA for one of the BMHS Limelight series. Dean visited Joane at her flat in Charing Cross Road several times and was enthralled by her stories.

Sadly Joane was eventually unable to look after herself in her flat, so in early 2019 she moved into a retirement home where she passed away aged 99. Her funeral service at Golders Green Crematorium could only host 8 people because of the covid 19 crisis.

Joane had so many friends who adored her and she was always so popular on her frequent trips to the CAA. The club intend to organise a special memorial celebration of her life next year to mark her centenary.

CAA Past President ROY HUDD

Roy Hudd Portrait
Roy Hudd (Past President of the CAA)

Roy’s wife Debbie has been in touch regarding Roy’s funeral and Memorial Service arrangements. The funeral will take place on the 3rd April but, due to the Coronavirus, the service will be held outside the church and with close family only.

Debbie has booked the Actor’s Church in Covent Garden on the 25th September for a Memorial Service. Let’s hope that by then things will have started to get back to ‘normal’ as so many of you will want to attend.

Please check back to this website for updates.

Help for Self-Employed Members!

Updated 8th January 2023

Dear Self Employed “A” members,

In these unpredictable and difficult times the club can help?

” The Benevolent Fund of the Concert Artistes Association is established for the relief of distress of “A” Members or their dependents in necessitous circumstances. “

So the Trustees of the Benevolent Fund are ready to take your calls. All confidentially.

Call Johnny Maxim (Head Trustee)
Address: 123, Louis Drive West, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 9DZ
Mobile: 07894 202329


Our professional B members who are also self employed in Show business. We have our Samaritan Fund that may be able to help in some way. Please call myself, Kay Carman, on

0207 254 6074. email

We hope of course that the Government may come up with a package to help all of those in our Business as they have with other people, but until they do we also have the 2 funds of our Club that will help our members. All in confidence.

Don’t be down hearted! Your CAA. is here to help!

Keep Smiling!!!

Love from Kay!

Onwards & Upwards!! Be positive!!!

David Carter’s Celebration Service

David Carter


David’s funeral took place on Monday 23rd March in West Sussex. His partner Paul has decided to defer the date of David’s Celebration Service at St. Peter’s Croydon until a time when everyone is more comfortable about travelling and being around others. He is sure everyone will understand that when times are happier and safer, we can all get together to give David the final send-off he deserves, celebrating his life and music.

Meanwhile you can still make a donation in David’s memory. Donations will go to ‘Future Talent’ – the UK’s leading charity who help young gifted musicians, providing tuition, and performance opportunities that they would otherwise never experience. Donations can be sent to Alex Jones Funeral Directors, 92 Station Road East, Oxted, Surrey RH8 0QA

Paul thanks everyone for their continued love and support. Details of the Celebration will be posted here as soon as known.

Future Catering Arrangements


 UPDATE: This franchise has now been appointed.

Catering Notice

The club’s catering franchise is due for renewal this spring. Sally has indicated that she does not intend to tender for the franchise and therefore will not be catering for us after March 31st.

The following announcement and advert has been placed in Catering Magazines – any members who may have an interest, please contact the office.

The Concert Artistes’ Association (CAA) Covent Garden London

The Concert Artistes’ Association, is a theatrical private members club in the heart of Covent Garden with 1,000 members.

The club has a brand-new commercial kitchen which it would like to rent.  The successful business would supply:

Lunchtime bar meals and dinners for both club events and outside hirers of the hall.

There would also be scope for developing an outside catering operation to the many businesses located in the area from the kitchen. 

To register interest and to provide details about your company and experience contact:

The Club Secretary Malcolm Knight Tel: 020 7836 3172 Email:

20 Bedford Street London WC2E 9HP

CAA Closure











Saturdays at The CAA!


This page has been updated a number of times and is always updated with the latest information before any change. Any significant changes will show on this website before they are scheduled to take effect…


A good number of members had suggested that they would appreciate the club being open on Saturday evenings.

Many attend Saturday matinees or evening performances in town and would  like to drop in for a drink, either after or before shows. In response to these requests the committee decided to give it a trial with a once a month Saturday opening.

The bar will open to members and their guests from 5pm to 11.15pm.

Extra staff costs are involved and to offset this we will be asking for a £5 admission fee for guests (obviously members are free.)

With our great value for money bar we are sure that £5 will prove a good investment for your friends!

Charlie Cairoli ~ A Request

Charlie Cairoli
Charlie Cairoli

Hi, my name is Nigel Male and I own and run the Charlie Cairoli appreciation society, we were set up in 1994 to perpetuate the memory of the late great Charlie Cairoli.

The last 26 years, I have been researching the life and career of Charlie.  It has always been a dream to produce a book, to document this. Finally the dream is coming to fruition. The book is set to be published in spring 2020.

Could I kindly ask if any of your members knew Charlie or ever worked with him? I am very keen to speak to anyone who is happy to share their memories.

Contact is

Website Rebuild

Thanks for dropping-by… The C.A.A. website is being re-developed.

Initially much of the website framework and copy is being put in place and tested before the artwork. Then more content and features are due to be added. 

All content works are scheduled for completion before July 24th. So please drop by again soon and see how we’re getting along.

Update: July 19th 2017: The red curtain background was a real issue and still not 100%. This put me a day behind. I hope to make up this time and still hit my target of July 24th. 

Update: July 21st 2017: Almost all content is now in place though some better images are being sourced. This leaves just an intro banner to be built for the home page to declare the initial construction complete.

Other new features will be added over 2017 into 2018. News articles should appear regularly in the sidebar to the right here. Note: This sidebar shows at the bottom if viewing on a mobile phone.

Update: July 24th 2017: We managed to achieve completion by the projected date with all available content included.

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Of course a website is never really completed because it will expand over time. This website in particular will demonstrate this as input over time from all members will make it’s growth very dynamic over the coming years.

Any comments and suggestions are most welcome via the “Contact Us” Page and the obvious link to me.

Thanks for your patience. Paul.