Website Rebuild

Thanks for dropping-by… The C.A.A. website is being re-developed.

Initially much of the website framework and copy is being put in place and tested before the artwork. Then more content and features are due to be added. 

All content works are scheduled for completion before July 24th. So please drop by again soon and see how we’re getting along.

Update: July 19th 2017: The red curtain background was a real issue and still not 100%. This put me a day behind. I hope to make up this time and still hit my target of July 24th. 

Update: July 21st 2017: Almost all content is now in place though some better images are being sourced. This leaves just an intro banner to be built for the home page to declare the initial construction complete.

Other new features will be added over 2017 into 2018. News articles should appear regularly in the sidebar to the right here. Note: This sidebar shows at the bottom if viewing on a mobile phone.

Update: July 24th 2017: We managed to achieve completion by the projected date with all available content included.

Update: August 7th 2017: Following a premium upgrade to a key plugin I’m glad to report that the ‘search’ and ‘categories’ section now display the correct curtain backdrops and the intended copyright notice displays correctly. Later I will try again to feature the “tragi-comedy” masks of the actual CAA stage at the top-centre. This is done on my website for the CAA banner but proving troublesome on this site for the moment.

Of course a website is never really completed because it will expand over time. This website in particular will demonstrate this as input over time from all members will make it’s growth very dynamic over the coming years.

Any comments and suggestions are most welcome via the “Contact Us” Page and the obvious link to me.

Thanks for your patience. Paul.

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