Kay Carman B.E.M.

Kay Carman
Kay Carman B.E.M.

We are delighted to announce that former CAA Chairman Kay Carman has been awarded a British Empire Medal in the latest honours list.

This is in recognition of her services on behalf of the Grand Order of Lady Ratlings and their charities: Brinsworth House and, of course, the CAA.

It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Huge congratulations Kay!

Self-Tape Facility at The Club

Self Tape auditions are becoming more and more the norm. For those not familiar with self-taping, it is a pre-recorded video audition that an actor submits to a casting director or creative team. Generally used as a substitute for an in person audition or try out.

Actors film themselves reading select portions of a script, or piece then edit the footage and submit electronically. It helps gain access to casting directors you wouldn’t normally see and it saves time and money.

At the Club we now have a self tape set up for our members.

CAA "Self-Tape" equipment setup free for the use of members

Available free of charge, Monday to Friday 10am to 12 noon.

So to elevate your auditions with our new gear contact the office 0207 836 3172 to book your slot.

The CAA & Social Media!

updated 28/3/2024

Shannon Rewcroft committee image
Shannon Rewcroft

We’re thrilled to announce that The CAA is now officially on Instagram and Facebook!

Stay updated with the latest news, connect with fellow members and dive into the vibrant world of The Club for Acts and Actors. Our presence on social media isn’t just about staying connected – it’s about amplifying our voice, raising awareness, and showcasing the incredible talents within our community while promoting all the club has to offer the entertainment industry.

Let’s embark on this new journey together and shine a spotlight on all the amazing things happening at The CAA!

Shannon Rewcroft (Deputy Chairman)

Note from Site Admin… The new social media links can be found within the new footer panel and will eventually appear at the bottom of all pages and all NEW! posts. Where active they can also be found top-left on a desktop or lower down on a mobile device,

Simon Bashford Celebrates

This year Simon reaches forty years in showbiz and John Orchard and Nathan Pascoe have put together a wonderful documentary to celebrate this milestone.

Website Security Upgrade

updated 7th May 2024


Welcome to https://www.thecaa.org

Ultimately my address saving precautions as advised proved unnecessary but, I make no excuse for being cautious. The way is now OPEN for exciting NEW services available directly from the CAA office through this website soon!


Although not affecting the website operation or security, post upgrade there are still a couple of unresolved issues. While the office@ email mailbox is clearly working perfectly (Chris Hare and I have QUADRUPLE checked it with Malcolm!) A new mailbox I setup for the upgrade suddenly failed afterwards as did also the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) I use to backup the website regularly.

The NS (Name Servers) ARE now reporting as fully propagated as of last Thursday so I shall be working with my data centre/service provider to wrap up these loose ends  tomorrow Monday 9/10/23.

Meanwhile and as expected readers will see that website loading times are significantly slower! This is a direct result of the data encryption and that the website now relays through a third party’s SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification server too! 

Slow load speeds impact on search engine ranking SO over time it is essential that I optimize ALL future pages PLUS all top level pages, especially the home page! For this reason and in anticipation, some while back I created a fast link in the main menu to “Latest News.” 

Website editor Chris Hare and I have been in discussion for months now in preparation for this event and as anticipated this website’s home page will serve more strictly with it’s actual purpose as a HUB with links to relevant content on other pages. 

On the home page there will ALWAYS be a link to NEW content in “Latest News,” “Notices” & new content in the “Members Only Area.” BUT, the latter for members only WILL NOT appear in the “Recent Articles & Notices” box despite being linked from the home page. Members should still visit the home page 1st.


2024.05.07 Tech Update… FTP Access was restored late in 2023 using the direct DNS address and works just fine again! It is assumed that prior to my engagement in 2017 a currently unknown IT specialist setup the office email account to also work directly with the domain DNS? Investigations continue …

Paul Scudder (site admin)