Betty Crosskey Gets a Lift

During 2019 we invested in a major refurbishment for the club. Many members  kindly and generously donated towards the cost.

Betty Crosskey was a major benefactor asking only in return that she would be the first to sample our new lift. Here is Betty in October 2019 doing just that. As Pam Cundell would say ‘Onwards and Upwards!’

Betty Crosskey tries out the new lift

Backstage Bites

Updated 12th September 2021 – Effective from Wednesday September 1st 2021





Monday to Friday

12.00 to 7.00 p.m.

Light bites and sharers

(Perfect for catching up with friends and colleagues)

Homemade soup of the day £4.95

(choice of granary, crusty white or (GF) bread

Crispy breaded mushrooms (V) £4.95

(served with a garlic mayonnaise dip)

Mediterranean plate £4.95

(Avocado, buffalo mozzarella & beef tomato

Served with a basil dressing (V)

Nachos topped with melted cheese,

Jalapenos, guacamole and sour cream

Serves two £9.50

Serves four £17.00


Posh prawn cocktail £8.50

(juicy king prawns with a Marie Rose sauce

Served with avocado on a bed of crisp lettuce(

Tuna Niçoise salad £8.50

(Classic salad of tuna, boiled egg, olives, red onion,

green beans and new potatoes served on house

salad with French dressing

Caesar salad £5.95

(Fresh crispy greens topped with shaved

Parmesan and Caesar dressing (V)

Add chicken breast for £1.95

Many of our dishes are available as

(V) Vegetarian and/or (GF) Gluten Free

If you are unsure about the ingredients in any of

Our dishes please ask Peter


Choice of granary, crusty white of (GF) bread

Served with a side salad or chips

Some like it hot:

Fish finger sandwich £6.75

(Beer battered cod goujons with tartare sauce)

Sausage sarnie £6.75

(British outdoor bred pork sausages with

caramelised onion)

Tuna Melt £6.75

(A mix of tuna, red onion and cucumber topped

With cheese and grilled to oozy perfection)

Club Sandwich £6.75

(Chicken fillet, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese)

Also available as a good old-fashioned BLT or you can

Order a simple chicken sandwich

In from the cold:

Ploughman’s £6.75

(Mature cheddar, ham, tomato and pickle)

Coronation chicken £6.75

Smoked salmon and cream cheese £6.75

(Affectionately known as a “Martin Jarvis” if you

Order this in granary bread with chips!

Egg Mayonnaise £4.95

Mature cheddar cheese (V) £4.95

(add tomato or pickle for 20p)

Just fancy some chips? £2.95


Traditional fish and chips £9.50

(Fillet of code, hand battered in our own beer

batter, chips, peas and tartare sauce)

Hunter’s Chicken £8.95

(Grilled chicken fillet topped with back bacon,

BBQ sauce and melted cheese served with onion

Rings and chips or a fresh green salad)

Sausage and Mash £8.95

(Pork or vegetarian sausages, mashed potato,

Peas and onion gravy (V)

Chef’s pie of the day £9.50

(Served with mashed potato, gravy and fresh greens)

Salmon Fillet

With baby herb potatoes and fresh greens

Simply grilled £9.50

Or smothered in prawns, dill and butter £11.50

Homemade Mushroom Stroganoff (V) £7.95

(Served with rice)

Dish of the Day

(Special members’ price £7.95)

Monday Liver, bacon, onions, mashed potato and gravy

Tuesday Curry of the week, rice and naan

Wednesday Toad in the hole, mashed potato, onion gravy

and fresh greens

Thursday Homemade beef burger, chicken fillet or

veggie burger in a a brioche bun with chips

and onion rings

Friday Cod in a homemade parsley sauce with peas

And mashed potato

The Club brunch

Available 12.00 to 5.00 p.m.

Breakfasts are served with toast from a choice of

granary or crusty white bread and a pot of tea or a

cafetière of coffee

Traditional breakfast £9.50

(Two free range eggs, fried or scrambled with bacon,

Sausage, tomato, black pudding, mushrooms and baked


Vegetarian Breakfast £8.95

(Two free range eggs, fried or scrambled with

Vegetarian sausage, tomato, mushrooms and

baked beans (V)

Let there be more brunch

Welsh rarebit

(Choice of two toasted slices of granary or crusty

white bread, served with a side of salad or chips)

Traditional savoury cheese topping £5.75

Same delicious topping with ham £6.75

Also available as a plain grilled cheese sandwich £4.95

Add tomato for 20p

Eggs benedict £6.75

(Two free range poached eggs on two halves of a

Lightly toasted muffin with Wiltshire ham an a

Creamy hollandaise sauce)

Omelette £7.25

(Served with salad or chips and beans)

Please ask Peter for the day’s selection of fillings

All our food is prepared in a kitchen which may contain nuts,

flour and other glutens. If you have any allergies or require

further advice, please speak to Peter.

Afternoon tea

Available 12.00 to 5.00 p.m.

Scrumptious cream tea

Pot of tea or cafetière of coffee with a selection of mini cakes, strawberries and a scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream plus a choice of finger sandwiches, either:

Cucumber & cream cheese (V)

Or smoked salmon

Or Wiltshire ham

For one £7.95

For two £15.00

Life is short, eat dessert first

Served warm with custard or ice cream £5.50

Sticky toffee pudding

Homemade apple pie

Homemade rhubarb crumble

Served cold with clotted cream £3.50

Toffee sponge cake

Chocolate sponge cake

Ice cream £2.45

Pick two scoops of one flavour or mix and match with

Another from a choice of either:





Pot of tea £1.95 Cafetière of coffee £2.25

There is no sincerer love than the love of food”

George Bernard Shaw

I look forward to seeing you all very soon,

Peter Cliffe for Backstage Bites

Phone 07801 351863


Major Club Refurbishments 2019 Part.7

Image of Kay on site
Kay on site


Here are the latest set of pictures taken at the club during the ongoing works.

These photos were taken upon a site visit on October 24th 2019.

Enlarged bar refurbishment
View from bar to stairs and lift
View from bar to stairs and lift
View across enlarged bar to double width entrance
View across enlarged bar to double width entrance
Reduced sized office image
Reduced sized office to accommodate double width bar entrance
Lift exit image
Lift exit
New double width bar entrance image
New double width bar entrance. Small chair lift to be added to left hand stairs
Bar refurb in progress image
Bar refurb in progress
Bar refurb from entrance image
Bar refurb from entrance
Lift shaft image
Lift shaft having reflective facia being added

Major Club Refurbishments 2019 Part.6


Here are the latest set of pictures taken at the club during the ongoing works.

These photos were taken upon a site visit on October 10th 2019.

Image of Kay on site
Kay on site
Hall renovation
New wall panels in hall
Exit from lift at top of stairs
Enlarged bar being refurbished
New double width entrance to bar
View of entrance hall from office
Green room (temporary site office)
Reduced size office

Major Club Refurbishments 2019 Part.5

Image of Kay on site
Kay on site


Here are the latest set of pictures taken at the club during the ongoing works.

These photos were taken upon a site visit during mid September 2019.

The green room renovation image
The green room renovation
Reduced size office renovation image
Reduced size office renovation
Exit from lift to double width upper foyer image
Exit from lift to double width upper foyer
Top of suspended lift and exit to bar
Top of suspended lift and exit to bar
Lift shaft in situ pre cladding image
Lift shaft in situ pre cladding
Re wiring the entrance image
Re wiring the entrance
Lift platform image
Lift platform
New ceiling above stage image
New ceiling above stage
New stage area image
New stage area
Kitchen refurbishment image
Kitchen refurbishment

Major Club Refurbishments of 2019 Part.3


These were taken in early August. The structural demolition, rewiring and routing of services such as water intake, removal or renovation and preparation of the walls and brickwork is intricate and forms the basis for all the following redecoration. The lift is being manufactured off site then installed.

Looking towards bar. Ladder is where new widened foyer will be
Looking towards bar. Ladder is where new widened foyer will be
Kitchen cleared ready for new installation
Kitchen cleared ready for new installation
Entrance hall under construction
Entrance hall under construction
The Hall
The Hall
Roof void by office in preparation for lift installation
Roof void by office in preparation for lift installation
Staircase in preparation for lift installation
Staircase in preparation for lift installation
New double width foyer leading up to bar
New double width foyer leading up to bar

Major Club Refurbishments of 2019 Part.2


The office under refurbishment
The staircase under refurbishment
The entrance under refurbishment
The hall and entrance to the kitchen
The hall under refurbishment
The office looking at the Green Room
Looking down the stairs under refurbishment
The stairwell under refurbishment
The office under refurbishment

Extract from the Chairman’s August 2019 Newsletter: 

The club has more or less been ‘gutted ‘. Please bear in mind these were taken in mid-June and things have moved on dramatically. We are having a complete new Kitchen; a new extended Bar; a smaller office to accommodate a wider entrance to the bar and lift exit; a lift from the foyer up to the office level and a small stair lift up to the Bar. In the Concert Hall we will have a new extended stage area and brand new AV and lighting, all of this together with other interesting changes including new floor and panelling. The whole club has been rewired and other issues such as water intakes rationalised.

We have excellent builders/electricians & consultants etc working for us and they are paying great attention to detail. The works really are complex! The builders have gone back to the brickwork to give us a new sturdy club that will last at least another 50 years.

Kay Carman 

Major Club Refurbishments of 2019 Part.1

Following close of business on Thursday 30th May the Club will undergo a much needed and imaginative make over.

Electrical re-wiring became a necessity and so this opportunity is being grasped to make major improvements at the same time.

The Hall will have new panelling, floor, stage, stage lighting and sound systems. There will be a small platform lift from the entrance hall to the first landing where the entrance to the bar will be widened and it is intended to add a chair lift for the final steps into the bar.

We have to address the damp in the entrance hall but will preserve the iconic posters photographically to reproduce them as wallpaper. The Bar will be enlarged and the club’s decor greatly enhanced throughout.

proposed new entrance design

We aim to protect the atmosphere and friendly nostalgic feel of the past whilst making the club more comfortable and accessible for all. Gently bringing us into the 21st Century but paying homage to our lovely history.

After thorough research interviews and presentations from various firms we, the committee appointed architects Bradley Van Der Straeten to oversee the works along with our excellent cost consultant, electrical and building consultants. The design is by much respected architect George Bradley who has shown great empathy with the club. We later found out that his father is the esteemed actor David Bradley!

Sarah Cosby from the firm has been liaising with us every step of the way. The final decisions on costings will be made by the Chairman and full committee on 30th May and the contracts will be signed. From that day forwards due to Health and Safety reasons, the builders GMS, are in charge on the premises.

Proposed stairway and bar entrance

From time to time, Kay, Ron and Chris will be invited in, if needed, for consultation. The builders will photograph the various stages of work and the Committee will update you via this web site and a Newsletter. Here are some initial concept designs for you to peruse – It is an exciting time for our club. It is for our future!!

We are moving Malcolm and Val out to a new office venue during the work. We will inform you of the address asap.

The club closes to members at close of business on 30th May and the CAA at 20 Bedford Street will be closed for business from 31st May.

Monday evenings will continue during the closure at the function room of the Water Rats Pub, Grays Inn Road. From 5.30pm onwards from 3rd June.

Live at The CAA!

Simon Bashford at the CAA

Simon Bashford Video Link
Described as one of the world’s greatest vibes players, Roan Kearsey-Lawson brought his acclaimed quartet to the club’s jazz night in June.
It was filmed and excerpts are available to view below.
Roan Kearsey-Lawson (vibes), Dorian Ford (Piano), Jerome Davis (Bass), Pete Cator (Drums)

Roan Kearsey Lawson, CAA Club London part one

Roan Kearsey Lawson part two – ‘The Ghost of the White Rabbit’

‘Watch What Happens’ – Sue Smith at the CAA with Java Jam

Strictly Acappella present – Bohemian Rhapsody